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Providing Everything You Need!

K & D Productions offers limitless designs for your stationery needs. We cater to every special occasion and memorable event you could ever imagine! Every stationery option is fully customizable to add a personalized touch to your special moment!

In light of the fact that we specialize in adding a personalized touch to your stationery, all stationery options REQUIRE the submission of an inquiry form to provide the best customizable experience possible. Please share details of your event and include which stationery option in which you would like to inquire about.


Perfect for parties, dinners, reunions, & more!

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Save the Dates

Mark your memorable moment for your guests ahead of time so they won't miss a beat!

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Menus & Placecards

Highlight the showstoppers of the event and make your guests feel extra special!

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Greeting Cards

There's no better way to commemorate holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving!

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Especially for High School, College, & more!

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Thank You Notes

Show your appreciation in the most intimate way! They'll appreciate you more!

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Other Special Events

Suitable for baby showers, milestone announcements, religious, and congratulations to name a few!

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Celebrate your special day with a personal touch! Great for save the dates, invitations, menus, you name it!

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