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K&D Productions Policy

Booking Policy

For ALL events, YOU MUST COMPLETE AN INQUIRY FORM BEFORE BOOKING! Once approved you may book your event at least 1 MONTH PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED EVENT DATE to avoid late fees. Payments for bookings will be paid in the form of two installments:


1st installment: We require a 50% Deposit of the total price for services which must be paid within two days after official invoice has been issued in order to secure your event date.

2nd installment: Remaining balance must be paid exactly two weeks before the event date.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Setup Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is at flat fee of $150 for 2 hours, any additional hours needed is based on the event size starting at a rate of $100/hr. Setup fees DOES NOT INCLUDE Clean-up/Breakdown. Please Book this service if needed as an add-on it will vary depending on your event size.


Travel Policy

If event is taken place at our Venue there will NOT be a travel fee. Any other locations varies on distance.

Free of charge if Less than 24 miles. $25 between 25-30miles Radius and Any Additional miles starting At 31mi is $2/mile.


Late Fee Policy

Events must be booked within a month from the exact date of the event to avoid a $50 late fee. (I.E. if an event is on Jan 20th you must book by Dec. 20th or before to avoid a late fee).  Late Fee Policy also applies if you do not pay your second installment within the two week prior of event date.


Strict Cancellation Policy

If an event is needed to be canceled, you must cancel within two weeks before the date of your scheduled event in order to receive a partial refund.

Scenario 1: If you paid your event in full you will receive 50% back

Scenario 2: If paid only 1st installment you will only receive 25% of your deposit back.


If you cancel within a WEEK prior to your event you will only receive HALF (50%) of your payment in the form of STORE CREDIT (up to one year).

If cancel TWO days (48hrs) prior of event you will FORFEIT your refund & store credit opportunity.


Rental Policy

ALL rentals must be returned in the same condition you have received. ANY Damage to rentals can be subjected to $10 & up (prices varies based on item).  All rentals have their own set damage fee please refer to your rental agreement for specifications or contact us immediately for any questions.

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