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Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of events does K&D Productions plan? 

-We are capable of planning all types of events, for example, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, corporate events & more.

What are consultations and the cost of it?

-Our Consultations are free of charge with any other events besides weddings. It is an hour-long session in which you meet with our event designers to discuss details of your event. You have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas, and create a vision.  

What is the difference between your event planning company and others?

-K&D productions are very hands-on with each project, we like to create a personal relationship with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life. Many other companies, however, charge by the hour and with us, you will be provided a detailed invoice where you have the opportunity to add or remove services listed for your event.

When would you guys recommend that I book for an event?

-Because we want to maximize the potential of your event, the K&D Productions policy states that you must book at least a month in advance from the exact date of your scheduled event. However, we do accept late events for a fee of $50.

Do you offer to clean up after an event?

-Yes, K&D Productions offer a clean-up service starting at $50, the price can range depending on the size of the event and what all needs to be removed.

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