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About K&D Productions

               Brought about to bring visions to life. Based in Houston, Texas, K & D Productions was established in 2019 with a sole purpose in mind: to design and create magical fulfilling moments and unforgettable elaborate events that are filled with fun and laughter in the midst of a beautiful ambiance. From the most intimate occasions to the grandest affairs, our designers specialize in personalizing every event to suit each client.


        I’m sure you are wondering who is behind each intricate design? Meet your founding event coordinators & designers Kierra and Diamond. From collaborating on their own birthday parties to planning events for family and friends, the two best friends knew they had a flair for utilizing their talents to bringing other visions to life. So many rave reviews encouraged the two women to pursue this dream professionally. Both women are college-educated: Kierra with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Diamond with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. Kierra applies her insights into psychology to better understand each client’s needs and effectively communicate innovative ideas. Diamond’s proficiency in the management field allows her to efficiently market to your desired audience and assure everything stays on schedule for your big day. They incorporate their knowledge in their graduate fields to enhance their skills as designers and demonstrate their range to bring any event on any occasion to life.


          What makes us different from other event planners? We idealize four principles when planning your event: Collaborate. Design. Detail. Create. With Diamond’s modernistic style and love for vibrant colors and Kierra’s keen eye for details and vintage chic twist, they provide impeccable taste and elegance out of this world. Both women share a passion for fashion, design, and elegant events that will forever be cherished. We make it a priority to include our clients in every detail for a hands-on and personal experience in the customization process. At the hands of our designers at K & D Productions, your event will be the talk of the century. From the balloon garland backdrops and custom party favors to the placement of a table setting at your wedding reception-we’ve got you covered! We want you to enjoy these magical moments stress-free and focus all of your energy on having the time of your life at the event of your dreams!

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